Who Is Fair Harbor?

Fair Harbor is a lifestyle brand based on the simplicity of summer and their dedication to the environment. They make swimsuits out of recycled plastic bottles to help protect the places that we love. It is their mission to create high quality performance products that embody the pureness and simplicity of Fair Harbor, NY. 


Who owns Fair Harbor?  Jake Danehy, 26, and his sister Caroline, 23, are the founders of Fair Harbor.  They grew up spending all their summers with their family in Fair Harbor, a barefoot, tight-knit beach community on Fire Island, off the southern shore of Long Island, NY.


When was Fair Harbor founded?

The Brother & Sister team founded Fair Harbor in 2014 while Jake was writing his thesis on plastic waste at Colgate University and Caroline— a fashion blogger and passionate environmentalist— was still in high school.

They wanted to do something that helped save the oceans and beaches; like Fair Harbor which they loved so much.  They also wanted to create a product that was sustainable.


Introducing the BreezeKnit liner:

They created the No mesh - Made with BreezeKnit™ technology, a liner that’s soft, supportive, and 100% Chafe free

They call it their “FEEL GOOD FABRIC” and say it is – Like an Ocean Breeze in your shorts….Airy yet supportive, the quick-drying BreezeKnit™ offers the easy give of 4-way stretch and is made from nearly 90% upcycled plastic bottles.

Their Social Media Slogan is “The Worlds Most Comfortable Beachwear”

 Selling Points: 

  • 12% SPANDEX